In December 2018, a new Ohio law will prohibit the sale, installation of unsafe used tires.

Tires which are designated safe for sale/installation will have to pass 10 mandated safety checks.

In other drivng news, Columbus Police are reminding drivers about Ohio’s Move Over law after an officer was struck by a car Monday. An officer was at the scene of a steel plate that shifted downtown. The officer was struck and knocked down by the mirror of a passing car.

PTSD is becoming a silent killer among First Responders. This is an issue that has been kept suppressed for so many years, thought of a weakness. It is time we talk about PTSD.

Be warned that scammers are using an original method to recover old rubber tires and then sell it then like new or slightly used. This video was prepared by us to show you how these old-tire-bastards make old rubber look like new.

Have you seen what happens to retread tractor trailer tires? Those blowouts on 18 wheelers could be devastating on 4 wheels. Know what you're buying.

Tires are made and sold everywhere. If your tire is made in China, be sure your life isn't being put at risk and your money could be getting wasted. What's best for your vehicle at high or low mileage?

2/32 is now illegal limit in Ohio. Did you know that Recyling Tires is a great business opportunity? Used Tires are often made into asphalt and some companies are scoring big when tires have surpassed their useful life.

Tire Warranty, Company Contact Information

USTMA: US Tire Manufacturer's Association Support Ohio's Used Tire Law

Columbus Law Firm talks about Ohio Used Tire

Rubber Manufacturer's Association Comes out in Support of Ohio Used Tire Law

       How to Buy a Used Tire
  • RMA estimates that 30-35 million used tires are available for sale every year. A 2015 motorist survey sponsored by RMA found that nearly 1 in 10 motorists said their car is currently riding on tires that were bought used.

    “Safety is the highest priority for the tire industry,” says Anne Forristall Luke, RMA president and CEO. “This common-sense legislation to keep dangerous used tires off the road will help improve highway and motorist safety.”

Ohio Tire & Automotive Association

       OTAA Talks about Used Tire Law
  • Legislation defining what constitutes an unsafe used tire passed out of the Committee on Public Safety and Veterans Affairs in the Ohio Senate. The bill, Senate Bill 68 is a reintroduction of legislation from the last General Assembly and companion legislation to House Bill 42. OTAA worked tirelessly with the bill sponsors and the Rubber Manufacturers’ Association to craft legislation that would protect consumers and penalize bad actors, while also avoiding regulation that would inadvertently harm the tire industry.

    Specifically, Senate Bill 68 bans the sale of tires with the following characteristics: worn-out tires (tread depth measurers 2/32nds inch or less); damage that exposes a tire’s inner components such as body plies or the steel belts; inner liner damage; tires with sidewall repairs, repairs to the belt-edge area of the tire, repairs made to punctures larger than ¼ inch, repairs that do not seal a puncture from the inside of the tire through to the outside; and damaged tires treated with a tire sealant but not subsequently repaired to industry standards.

    In addition, the bill stipulates that the installation of an unsafe used tire is a violation of the Consumer Sales Practices Act. The bill provides that offenders can be fined up to $1000 per violation. OTAA was successful in working with the bill sponsors to substitute the original strict liability standard for a negligence standard, adding protection for our members. OTAA supports the current version of this legislation and has provided proponent testimony.

Used Tire Laws may effect Tire Recycling

       Ohio, Texas & New Jersey Legislation
  • Ohio, Texas and New Jersey introduced new motorist safety legislation that would safeguard drivers from potentially unsafe used tires. This may result in increased number of used tires sent for recycling.

Zinda Law Firm: Tire Injury Lawyers

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  • When a defective used tire causes an accident, it is important to recognize the cause of the accident. Common reasons why used tires become defective and cause accidents include:

    • Old tires that are deceptively sold as new tires
    • Manufacturer error
    • Improper storage conditions
    • Auto repair shops that negligently repair an old tire
    • Shallow treads
    • Tire placement
    • Tire tears/cracks

Dallas Hartman: Pittsburgh Attorney advertising online in Ohio

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  • Were you severely injured in an auto accident or due to someone's negligence? Was your family impacted by medical malpractice or wrongful death? Were you exposed to Hepatitis C? Are you having difficulty obtaining Social Security or workers' compensation benefits? We represent clients throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio.

    Attorney Dallas W. Hartman and his team of experienced lawyers are ready to help you receive the answers you need and the compensation you deserve. If you are not able to meet us at one of our offices in New Castle, Pittsburgh, Butler, Erie, Hermitage, Cranberry Township or Youngstown, Ohio, we will be happy to meet with you at your home or hospital. For more than 25 years, our team of lawyers has offered immediate assistance representing accident victims, injured workers, victims of medical malpractice, legal malpractice and wrongful death claims in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Governor Christie Signs Bill Fining Companies That Sell Unsafe Used Tires

       NJ Governor Christie Signs Used Tire Bill
  • Under the new law, it only takes a single unsafe condition on a tire for a business to be hit with a $500 fine for selling one.

    Unsafe conditions include: worn-out tread, visible damage or improper repairs, according to the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA), a trade group in support of the legislation.

    The legislation does not ban all used tire sales, but instead targets used tires that show specific, well-established, unsafe conditions, according to the USTMA.

Bramnick Law Firm: New Jersey Attorneys talk about Used Tires

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  • It is generally recommended to not purchase used tires, especially when the history of the tires is unknown. Still, the necessity for a newer tire than what you already have, coupled with a limited amount of money to spend, can lead to you purchasing used tires for your car. If that’s the case, it is essential to try and find tires that are no more than one year old.

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    When it comes down to it, the safety of you, the driver, as well as any passengers in your car, is paramount and dependent on the tires the car sits on. If you can avoid used tires, you probably should.

    Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Sometimes, those accidents can happen because of used tires. If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident in Newark, East Brunswick, Cherry Hill, or anywhere else in NJ, you might need an experienced lawyer on your side. The New Jersey personal injury lawyers at Bramnick, Rodriguez, Grabas, Arnold & Mangan, LLC are equipped to help you with your auto accident. Call 877-423-4878 for a free consultation and begin building your case today.

James C DeZeo: New Jersey Defective Tire Lawyer

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  • At The Law Offices of James C. DeZao, P.A., we care deeply about the safety of New Jersey’s motorists. We expect the tire and automotive industries to behave responsibly and obey the law. When they don’t, we are prepared to hold them accountable and fight for comprehensive compensation for victims.

    This webpage will explain some of the common problems relating to defective tires in New Jersey. If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto accident involving a damaged or defective tire, a Parsippany personal injury attorney at our firm can help.


    As the automotive industry knows all too well, tires that are more than six years old are dangerous, regardless of their appearance, tread depth, or extent of use.

    Think of it like a rubber band. Even if you put one in your drawer and never touch it again, it’s ready to crumble a few years later. Rubber just can’t last.

    Internal tire degradation happens when tires weaken in integrity over time. It’s often impossible to detect degradation with the naked eye, but it’s happening nonetheless. Even experts have a difficult time assessing the roadworthiness of a tire before it falls apart, and that’s why the age of the tire is such an important indicator of safety.

Tire Discounters Supports Ohio Law

       Tire Discounters New Tire Seller
  • Tire Discounters Inc. is among the tire dealers in Ohio celebrating the state legislature's passage of S.B. 223, which prohibits the installation of unsafe used tires.

    Jamie Ward, president of Tire Discounters, is also on the board of the Ohio Tire & Automotive Association (OTAA). He's been working with the association for several years to remove unsafe tires from roadways.

    “This consumer protection bill is long overdue. It will prevent countless injuries and fatalities caused by unsafe tires.” says Ward.

Vehicle Manufacturers Recommend replacing tires after 6 years

       Shops often won't touch Used Tire Sales & Installation

    Have a set of tires on your car that still have plenty of tread left, but are a few years old? More and more car owners are learning their car's tires are too old to be patched, rotated or even balanced anymore.

    One woman says a local tire shop flat out refused to touch her tires, and her experience should be a warning to everyone with tires that are a few years old.