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Just getting started as a new Lyft or Uber driver can be a little nerve wracking. Here’s a list of things you can do to make your first week driving somewhat easier and hopefully more successful from the first passenger opening your door.

Road accidents happen even to the best drivers. But if you drive for a ride-sharing company, don’t assume that the cost for those accidents will be paid by the company. Rideshare insurance can protect you and may offer coverage you need.

Uber lets drivers set their own hours and schedules, while driving their own cars, provided they’re road ready. Find out which vehicle is your best bet. The qualifications for an Uber car vary from city to city.

Just like driving for Uber and Lyft, these food delivery companies allow drivers to sign on to their apps to make deliveries on their own schedules. Can it work for you? Find out more about some of the top delivery apps.

Amazon Flex works much like GrubHub, Uber Eats, DoorDash or Postmates where you make delivers, however, rather than delivering food, you’re delivering Amazon packages from their fulfillment centers.

Are you taking the New 20% Pass-Through Deduction for 2018 taxes? This deduction offers small business owners a boost. If you're a freelancer, or self-employed rideshare drivers who usually receive a 1099 then you may qualify. Can you take advantage of one of the biggest recent tax changes?